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Beats By Dre Headphones

Aug 07, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 1 Comment

Just My Professional Opinion Beats By Dre Headphones Are Great For I pod And Mp3 Player’s But NOT For Mixing In A Studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Million Dollar Dream: Return of The High Powered Double Album

Aug 03, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 1 Comment

This Is Another One Of My National Music Accomplishments Million Dollar Dream Double Album CD’s I Produced Track #17 Catastrophic By Mayhemm!

My Foot In The Door

Jul 31, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 1 Comment

This Was The First National Album That My Music Appeared On. Thanks Tim Wright For Starting My Music Industry Career!

808 Drum Kit Banger

Jul 29, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 1 Comment

If You Want A Banging 808 Kit E Mail Me And I Will Personally Send Them To You!


Jul 28, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 1 Comment

I want To Give A Special Thank You To Evan For The Best Vst’s On The Planet Hands DOWN!

I Had A Chance To Work With The Late Legendary Nate Dogg R.I.P

Jul 26, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 0 Comments

I Can Truly Say That I Made A Track With The Greatest Hook Master’s In The World The Crazy Thing Is That He Past away On My Grandmother Birthday…Here Is The Track We Made. That’s Cool Tribute Video


Jul 25, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 0 Comments

I Highly Recommend Up And Coming Producers To Take Time Out And Read This It Will Help Your Mix Gratefully

We all love to play around with panning when mixing, but when it comes to when and where to use it, there are some generally accepted ideas that will help you make best use of it.  Here are our top 8 Panning tips for you.

Don’t start off creating your track with things panned by default.  It’s worth panning everything to the center to begin with to get an idea of the overall balance of the track and achieve a decent general mix. While you are doing this you can make a list or mental note of the track’s elements so you can think about what might be moved around in the soundstage.

Don’t start off your track assuming that everything needs to be panned.  Go through the mix gradually assigning further and further pan positions to tracks. Just think about the elements that need to be emphasize and try panning them. If it doesn’t sound right, bring them back to the cent.

As a general rule, keep your low-frequency elements panned closer to centerd. The more prominent the low-frequency in your sound, the more central you should generally pan it. This tightens up you mix and creates a solid “core” to work from. So…kick drums, basses, and anything below 120Hz should be kept centerd.

If your bass source is coming from a stereo instrument (as is the case with many VST basses these days), it’s a good idea to bounce the audio and send that out a mono channel – or you could send the audio bass channel to a mono bus.

As a general rule, lead vocals should be positioned in the centre.

Try not to pan instruments sharing the same frequency range to the same positions if you want to give them space. If you aren’t sure, just solo your instruments in question and look at a frequency analyzer. Are they very close? Then pan them differently from each other.  Unlike more bass-heavy sounds, high frequency sounds like strings respond particularly well to wide panning.

Many hardware and software instruments have stereo outputs, so it’s tempting to pan sources like keyboards, strings and synths hard left and right. This often sounds good in isolation, but ironically, when you hard pan a stereo sound source this way it often ends up sounding almost centerd. If you do this with more than a couple instruments, you end up with a stacked, cluttered, and muddied center

Trust your ears.

Many thanks to Hollin Jones for these guidelines in his article in Music Tech’s Mixing issue.


If You Have Any Question

Jul 24, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 1 Comment

Feel free To Ask Me Any Question And I Will Get Back To You With A.S.A.P- Ant Jiles

Where It All Started the game changer

Jul 23, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 0 Comments

From the beginning I didn’t go to full sail or any other recording school I had hands on training from the top produces on the west coast and I never stopped I would like to thank those who inspire me to be the producer that I am today you are appreciated!

 — with Damion Brewer and 4 others.

Roger Linn Akai MPC 62

Jul 20, 2015 by PimPatron45 - 1 Comment

Roger Linn Akai MPC 62 Is the very first mpc that I used in music production. This was the machine in my studio that made my beat’s bang back in the day!

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